Saturday, December 13, 2008

10 Things I Hate About Christmas

I am currently visiting my cousin Janie Bennett. You probaly know her as the wife of one of the biggest buisnessmen in PCB, FL. Hint: His name starts with "Nee-" and ends with "-L Bennett". Anyhow. I was just making a poem. Wanna hear.

10 Things I Absotively Posulutely Hate About the Holidays (By Me)

The top ten things I hate
About this famous holiday.
I wouldn't know where to start.
Wait, yes I can, because I'm smart.

#10 would have to be X-mas.
Where's the X from, it's called Christmas!
#9 would be Chris Kringle.
No offense, but what happened to King-Of-Kings, huh?!!

#8 would be the North Pole.
Not that it's not cute and all!
#7 would be the eight flying reindeer.
Could fantasy be any more queer?

#6 would be the green and red.
Aren't those, like, the colors of dread?
#5 is the toymaking elves.
Don't they ever fill the shelves?

#4 is the supposed "snow".
Why can't I ever have a go?
At making a snowman or throwing a ball?
Isn't it supposed to be fun and all?

#3 is the chilling cold.
Any more of that, I'll become an ice mold.
#2 is the fact that you can never
Get the present you really endeavored.

And now that I've told you all,
Let me tel you the worst of all.
At #1 I've got to say.
I simply love this holiday.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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