Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Ultimate Aesop Test

Time to see if you know anything about Aesop's Fables:

Put the answers in an e-mail and send it to me at: mythlover@comcast.net

1. In the fable, "Venus and the Cat," what happened to change Venus' mind about making the cat a woman?

A. The Cat/Woman ate a bird alive.
B. The Cat/Woman played with some yarn.
C. The Cat/Woman chased a mouse.
D. The Cat/Woman licked her master.

2. In the fable, "The North Wind and the Sun," which part of nature won the bet?

A. The North Wind.
B. The Sun.
C. The Moon.
D. The North Star.

3. In "The Fir and the Bramble," what was the moral?

A. Slow and Steady wins the race.
B. Honest is the best policy.
C. The best ideas are usually the ones that are impossible.
D. Don't boast, because you will eventually learn a big lesson.

4. In "The Lazy Housemaids," which farm animal was killed?

A. Rooster.
B. Bull.
C. Chicken.
D. Deer.

5. In "Brother and Sister," which family member was vain?

A. Brother.
B. Sister.
C. Father.
D. Mother

Okay, well that's all folks.

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