Wednesday, December 3, 2008

King Thrushbeard

King Thrushbeard (By the Brothers Grimm)

Once Upon A Time... there's this hot but spoiled princess who insults everyone, including a handsome suitor with a pointy chin. She teases him by calling him, "King Beakbeard", or "King Thrushbeard". Her father, sick of it, declares that the next man she insults will be her husband.


The next day, the princess insults an ugly musician. The next day he takes her to the countryside as his new wife.

Okay, now it's a bit harsh.

She has to weave baskets, but cuts herself with the material and has to go sell pottery.


She refuses to set up by the "filthy peasants" and sets up in the middle of the road.

Um, does she have anything upstairs?

A drunk soldier rides through her stand and crushes the pottery. She has to take a job in the palace kitchen, and finds out that the palace belongs to King Thrushbeard. She finally humbles herself, and one day has to clean the halls during a wedding feast for the King.

She could be marrying him if she had been humble before.

The King comes in and takes her into the ball room. There, she tries to escape, but he reveals that the musician was really him in disguise. He did it all to humble her. She tries to run again, knowing that with all he'd done, she isn't worthy to marry such a good and determined man. But he holds her tight, they are married, and live happily ever after.

Good fable.

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