Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Clinking, Clanking Lowesleaf

The Clinking Clanking Lowesleaf (I have no idea who wrote it)

Once Upon A Time... a king sets out on a trip and asks his three daughters what they would like to have as a gift on his return. The youngest asks for a Clinking, Clanking Bell, or Lowesleaf.

I'm just guessing on the bell thing. If you know what a lowesleaf is, please tell me before I make the movie based on this tale.

The king can't find the bell-thingy and as going home depressed, he comes upon a giant black poodle-looking thing. It tells him that in return for his daughter he'll give him the bell. The king agrees.

Uh, hello! She's you daughter for 1! And 2, you're getting it for her! If you don't have her, how do you give it to her!

In a year, the poodle-dog-beast comes. After a series of odd events, the young princess goes with the dog. She crawls onto his back and eventually falls asleep. When they get to his home, he puts her in the little bedroom, and she wakes p alone the next morning. A beggar lady appears and tells her that the dog is really an enchanted prince, and tells her what to do, and that night, even though the dog begs her sweetly and gently to let her in, but she refuses.

Anyone who knows fairy tales can hear the alarm bells: don't obey the witch! But the Thing I Love about this story is: the girl's right.

The next night the dog begs so sweetly and gently, the girl almost consents. But she doesn't. The third night, she almost consents, but doesn't. The dog falls asleep. The girl grabs his fur and throws it into the fire. He goes crazy.

I can see how ripping off his doghood could peeve him off.

In a fiery blast of exitement and light, the hut becomes a castle, the forest a village, the animals villagers, and the dog a handsome Prince, finally free from the enchantment that had hypnotized him. The witch comes to the wedding, there's lots of fun, and every one lives happily ever after.

At least in this story they tell what happens to the magic helper.


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