Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello, Peoples of America

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I recently did three awesome things!

Okay. "Awesome" is an understatement. Like a The-Beast-Was-Furry kind of understantment. A Cinderella-was-definitly-not-a-tomboy kind of understatement. Snow-White-had-mental-problems kind of understatement.


* Finished my e-Book "Psyche".
* Filed a legal restraining order against a classmate.
* Finished the script for my first edition of "Grimm".

The first edition of it is two of the Grimm Bros fairy tales:

Aschenputtel and Frau Hulda.

Aschenputtel is live action, but Frau Hulda is stop-motion. And the most fanta-bul-osti-cash-ous thing is that...

Wait for it!

Frau Hulda is done!!!

And because of this...

Get ready for it:



Of Joy.

And Supreme Happiness.

Sarah Beth D., if you're reading this (I hope you are) go to the next post down. I answered your comment there. Also, everyone, check out all my posts!

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